Alexander Stojadinovic, MD, MBA, FACSClinical Integration

Alexander Stojadinovic, MD, MBA is a Surgical Oncologist with an exceptional blend of healthcare and business expertise. This cutting-edge visionary is recognized as a facilitative leader able to conceive, and execute large – scale strategic initiatives, integrate multi-disciplinary teams and harness collective genius. This is based on his history of healthcare and research program buildouts and medical administration success.

He has effectively built enduring international private-public partnerships to support innovative research and value-based initiatives, raised over $30M in research funding, earned four Professorships, and published over 250 peer-reviewed manuscripts. Having graduated at the top of his class in a healthcare-focused MBA from the Nation’s preeminent physician-only degree program, with a thesis on competitive strategy, Precision Medicine, and service-line development, Alex is a results-oriented leader and innovator who inspires teams to exceed organizational goals, surpass customer expectations and quality metrics, and achieve meaningful and sustainable change. His career thus far has been marked by three key elements:

  • Character, servant leadership, and ethics driven approach to medicine
  • His ability to develop multi-disciplinary, integrated healthcare teams based on mutual trust and shared vision;
  • His ability as program creator to achieve meaningful and measurable long-term performance through innovation and effective competitive strategy, while balancing business imperatives with patient needs and delivery of healthcare value.
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