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3rd Curve Healthcare helps you identify and deliver innovative solutions to improve performance enabling a new era of care delivery.

Delivering Results Oriented Solutions

3rd Curve Healthcare delivers practical solutions for healthcare start-ups, physician groups, hospitals and health systems. We plan and assist implementing innovative, expansive and reinventive programs that enhance performance and meet consumer needs. With strong experience and expertise in key clinical, technology and administrative areas, we help you navigate the uncertainties of healthcare delivery in today’s volatile environment.  Our global experience provides you with a unique advantage.

We Understand…You Need Practical Solutions

It is a dynamic time for Healthcare delivery.  In the United States, continued change abounds as efforts to reform healthcare occur at the Federal and State levels.   As a result, hospitals, health systems & physician enterprises find less funding available with decreased reimbursements challenging care design.  Healthcare staffing scarcity coupled with increased medical & information technology costs are beginning to threaten the financial viability of many providers.  3rd Curve Healthcare helps you identify and deliver innovative solutions to improve performance enabling a new era of care delivery.

Moore’s Law predicts that every two years the cost of computing will fall by half. That is why we can be sure that tomorrow’s gadgets will be better, and cheaper, too. But in American hospitals and doctors’ offices, a very different law seems to hold sway: every 13 years, spending on U.S. health care doubles.

Antonio Regalado: MIT Technology Review, 2013

We have proven experience with health systems, community hospitals, private physician practices.

Reaching the Top

3rd Curve Healthcare understands healthcare today. From Clinically Integrated Networks & Accountable Care Organizations, to Population Health Delivery Redesign, we activate partnerships between Physicians & Hospital Health Systems.



Responding Now

Insurance Exchanges, Medicaid Expansion – Narrow Networks & Shared Savings Plans. The Nature of Healthcare is shifting again, & lessons learned in the 1990’s should not be ignored. Responding Now is important, and remembering past experience is too. History Repeats.

Creating A Healthy Community

A Healthy Community Needs You. 3rd Curve can help you assemble the right care delivery framework to respond to the needs in your Community – from Disease-specific ACO’s to Multi-state Clinically Integrated Networks – in partnership with your physician leaders.

All Healthcare is Local

Well, that’s what they say. 3rd Curve emphasis on local Physician Leadership coupled with Health Information from your own Backyard is our Specialty. Bring us to bear on the concerns you have for the future. Odds are we have a solution.


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