Strategic Planning

Here’s what our team has learned about the importance of strategic plans:

  • Detailed plans increase operations’ effectiveness and cycle time to respond to opportunities
  • Resources are limited. Strategic plans define the intelligent allocation of resources
  • The focus provided in the plan gives the means to say ‘no’ to opportunities that don’t move you closer to your objectives
  • Plans provide ‘health’ and honesty to your organization. ‘Who’s accountable?’ and ‘How are we doing?’ become answerable questions.

Why bother with a plan?

  • Where am I gaining or losing ground compared to competitors?
  • Are utilization patterns changing within defined in-service/ geographic areas?
  • Is now the time to expand existing service lines or launch new ones?
  • How much revenue can I make from investments in emerging markets?
  • What’s the impact of change on existing facilities or recommendations for new locations of service?

What goes into the plans?

  • Market trends
  • Internal billing data and external market information on the population you serve
  • Service line trends vs. Market trends to understand potential opportunities and pitfalls

A full array of strategic planning & business development services

Market Assessments
  • Disease-specific
  • Review of key at-risk populations
Organizational Alignment Plans
  • Leveraging existing & unrecognized market resources
  • Appropriately partnering with physicians, payers, hospitals
  • Translating federal & state insurance exchanges into new business opportunities
Comprehensive Strategic Plans, which may include
  • Selecting & implementing best structures, e.g., ACO, PHO, CIN, IPA
  • Understanding capital requirements & capital formation strategies
  • Aligning work efforts of healthcare stakeholders to achieve organizational goals
  • Assessing new sources of revenue & capital while fostering efficiency
  • Optimizing resources for inpatient & outpatient care delivery to improve care delivery

Physician Offerings

We work with private and employed physicians to help practices achieve their goals.

Practice Operations Analysis
  • Optimizing physician workforce & staff members
  • Review of key operational metrics related to productivity, payer mix, costs, etc.
  • Assess practice governance & compensation models
  • Fostering improved compliance with federal & state regulations
  • Review of revenue cycle performance, & optimize collection performance
Strategic Practice Business Plan
  • Assessing best model for coordinating with the health system, payers, etc.
  • Optimize physician workforce & regional delivery network
  • Assess access channels for physician & service offerings
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