Supply Chain & Innovation Management

3rd Curve Healthcare is your source for global supply chain advisory services. We monitor the industry around the world, taking the best of each model and integrating them to your market specific needs. Whether as a standalone facility or part of a network of hospitals, we are constantly looking at emerging models, in which to translate that knowledge into the most up to date cost savings for your organization.  Working with physicians, medical supply and equipment manufacturers, device companies, pharmaceuticals and information technologies, we help your hospital build an ecosystem of innovation.

Cost pressures are one of the greatest challenges facing health systems today. At Third Curve we want to help your clinical team spend more time on what they do best, providing high quality care for patients.  We are constantly looking for ways to position your supply chain in order to optimize costs under rapidly changing market conditions.

We can help you to

  • Effectively validate GPO pricing and compare to IDN local contracting and to evaluate, customize and deploy the automated, data driven supply chain technologies that best fit your organizational needs.
  • Engage staff on scaling the sourcing that’s most appropriate for your current and future needs.
  • Establish the right supply change model, whether self distribution and traditional distributor systems or  the nascent internet fulfilment models, we continuously provide updated information for the right decision.
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